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*Starbase 41, Jefferies Tube adjacent to Ops.*

Ryan: That's the last of the tri-ox.

O'Neil: Great. How long can you hold your breath?

Ryan: I'll try and make my way down to the Infirmary and--

O'Neil: Sshh! Do you hear that? *Hull plates rattling*

Ryan: It's just the structural integrity field holding the debris.

O'Neil: No, listen!

Soval *distant*: I'm reading life signs over here!

Ryan: I hear it. Hey! We're over here!

Soval *distant*: Hold on! We're coming!

*After a few minutes, Soval makes it through to Admiral Allington, and the group beams out*

*U.S.S. Hornet, Federation-Tholian Border (Newly established after the recent incidents)*

Captain: U.S.S. Hornet to Tholian Combat Patrol, requesting permission to proceed to Tholia on Diplomatic mission.

Tholian Captain: Very well, Hornet, but know that you will be under our scrutiny.

Captain: Understood. Screen off. Hornet to Warlock, we are at Condition Green.

Captain Telas (U.S.S. Warlock, Prometheus class, newly fitted for cloaked recon operations): Understood.

*I.K.S. Kahless*
Torpal: How long before we're able to proceed with the assault on Iconia? I look forward to sinking our disruptors into Romulan Hull plating.

Engineering Officer: Unknown, sir! Warp drive will be ready in 5 hours! Forward Torpedoes in less than--

Torpal: Do I look like I want to hear what I can see on the MSD! ONE NUMBER! And it better involve a time window!

Eng: 7 hours, give or take.

Torpal: Then return to your post before I decide to find a more competent engineer.

Eng: Qapla'!

Torpal: Communications! Open a channel to Admiral Allen!

Comm: Channel open.

Torpal: Admiral Allen, my forces will be ready to hit Iconia by tomorrow evening! Do you require our presence to defend the Starbase?

*Rator III*
Praetor: Send this message to the Federation, VGI, and Klingon Empire. We are granting all parties access to the Neutral Zone for a joint operation against the rebels at Iconia. Request for our forces to meet them at Starbase 41.

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