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08-08-2012, 07:45 AM
Its not just a counter that is needed.

They also need to adjust the way they deploy. Currently, it seems like the deployable fighter/frigates remember what 'wave' or 'set' they were in and which hangar they came from, which leads to a number of problems.

For example?

Im in KASE on my kdf sci, voquv with B'rel+1's, we kill the tactical cube, everything is peachy, but two bops bite the dust when the cube explodes. Ok, no big deal, I just deploy two more. Oh. Thats great, instead of deploying two more, it overwrites the two I still have out. Which leaves me with only two bops still, and a stupid cooldown.

They need to change the way its coded (and, since this is a federation problem as well, it *might* actually be done) so that each hangar adds to a total number deployable for a particular ship type instead of each hangar owning its own craft and locking in their deployment order.

IE, you have two bop hangars, if you have two bops down, and summon up two more, you get two more, even if they ones that were destroyed were technically the first two you summoned.

It should only start overwriting pet craft when you have reached the maximum allowable amount. IE, you have to'duj's or s'kuls equipped and a total of 10 deployed. Under the current system, you could hit both hangars and still only have 10 deployed. Change it so that you just have to hit one hangar, 1 current fighter disappears and three more show up, putting you at your maximum allowable total.