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That build is rather special, there are lots of points I am not mentioning. It is available on our website for fleet members that make it to fleet rank of Commodore (you need to login to get it). I am not lying, I have no need, try it out for yourself and either join our fleet and find out or work it out yourself, but yes it can be done. My Bug ship can usually beat most other bug ships 1v1 unless I **** up the BOFF ability timings. Bear in mind though that this includes the DPS from the three rear turrerts as they also hit the forward target, all weapons are Mk XII VR ACCx2 Phased Tetryon, that's all I'm adding.
so it is NOT use buffs...well that explains it. A dual cannon build can hit easily 10k or more, if you count in buffs. so nothing special really about it actually. No need for further explanations then.
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