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Originally Posted by maelwy5 View Post
Don't bother biting.

Single cannons are always going to be worse than duals on an escort (Dual heavys hit harder for both spike and sustained damage, but standard duals are better for procs).

Optimum fore loadout for firing at something that has high levels of shields is usually: 1xQuad, 2xDHCs and 1x [Torp or DC]. (more than 2 DHCs can start to be detrimental due to simultaneous weapons power drain, particularly if you use Autofire or spam the "Fire all weapons" button)
well i believe him, if he means he uses tactical buffs...then even with single cannons you can hit that number easily. What confused me, was that he wrote "unbuffed", which means without using any BOFF or player ability, atleast to me.

If he really meant without buffs, then i want to see atleast some screenshots, otherwise it never happend.
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