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08-08-2012, 07:03 AM
Wasn't there a problem before Season 6 where you could do the Vault event in a fully fitted capital ship? Cryptic seems to like all the bells and whistles but often forget to focus on the fine details and more often than not just move on to their next big income cash grab than going back and fixing what they have already made mistakes on.

As for Tribble, I recall reading on here somewhere that the Dev's admitted that Tribble isn't actually a testing server but a stability one, if it doesn't crash the game and is stable it gets put on holodeck. This is one of the biggest issues with the game and company, they don't test. So many minor issues would never crop up if they spent a couple of weeks fixing reported issues on Tribble before releasing the new content on holodeck. It's a really simple and easy concept that seems to fall on deaf ears. It's really sad as this game has a lot of promise if only they would listen to their customers rather than ignoring us. I could on go about their lack of communication too but I'd be here for hours and I need to see about heading to bed.

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That'd be one very brave Miranda captain.
Suicidal seems more accurate to me, especially for Elite.
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