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Originally Posted by dood98998 View Post
What I'm interested in is why a lt. Cmdr. Is in a fleet event instead of leveling. As for the VA thing, I once was able to take probes on one side oof KASE while taking out one of thhe transformers and the spawn that came with it before the other 4 VA's could deal with their side.
Well, these LT Commanders MAY wish to contribute to the construction of their fleet base... and one of the most sought out commodities are fleet marks. SO, they play the fleet events.

Fleet Events are open to everyone... if you do not want to be teamed with lower ranked players, then create private matches... its as simple as that... no development, no programming, no more time needed to implement anything.

You have the power/tools available at your disposal today to never have to deal with another fleet event with lower ranked players.

It even makes canon sense that lower ranked players are there... imagine the scenario... a Starbase falls under attack, they send out a General Distress Call... wouldn't any starship in the vicinity rush to assist? As long as they had weapons?

From a purely military standpoint (Starfleet, and KDF being Military organizations)...people who leave the battle field are considered deserters, which is a crime... and should carry a stiff penalty.

Personally, I don't mind the mix of players (some of the funnest fleet events I've been in were with some lower tiered ships)... I do, however, mind those who leave, and those who do not even attempt to contribute.
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