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Ask Jim Kirk.

WTF is an admiral doing getting in to a ship-to-ship battle with a stolen fed boat, or getting in to a fist fight with an angry Klingon, or going back in time to swipe some whales?

The Feds and the Klingons probably realize that they might as well issue orders to go do dangerous things, otherwise the Admirals will just steal the ships and go do them anyway.
This is actually probably the best justification of Starfleet Admirals doing stuff I've heard in ages. Didn't they say that they wanted captains that got hands-on? Likely inspired by Kirk. Maybe they realized that once they hit Admiral they would be measuring the time they would be willing to captain a desk in minutes.

As for the Klingons, though? Well, a Lt. General of the Klingons, wherein eviscerating your head of state horribly means you become the head of state. Are YOU going to tell him he can't go and blow something up if he wants?