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08-08-2012, 09:57 AM
I agree the shield revamp would not work as the game is not designed for it, though I do like the idea that Klingon battle cruisers get a revamp to a more forward slotted weapon aproach.

A Vor'cha, Negh'var,K'tinga with a 5/3 set-up makes more since than the standard 4/4 that beam boats abide by normally. Given teh Klingon use of cannons and our often higher turn rate, it makes sense to me.
The BortasQu would be the only vessel to suffer since it has the crappy turnrate.

The Raptors could be left as they are since they all have one less weapon slots as it is.
The BoPs could be left untouched as well since they have even one less weapon slot than the Raptors.

All other KDF ships could be left alone as being from different races they may have differing design philosophies than the Klingon "in your face" approach to combat.
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