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Please remove the pop up messages in the game. It is really,really annoying and not to mention hazardous to have mission, bridge officer and random NPC's communicating with you by popping a huge window on your screen even in the middle of a fight.

Worse even, those who use cloaking devices, the pop up message decloaks the ship. Its just silly.

Pop-Up reduction:

Lets take for example DS9. You approach the station and BAM! Popup message. Not only a popup message but a pop up message that has to be clicked three time to get it off the damn screen.

Instead, how about you replace the popups with a small 'Comm's Menu' ?'

Similar to the window that shows you the active missions you have.... the 'Comms' menu will have two headings: Incoming and Hail.

Incoming will list transmissions sent to you for anything EXCEPT stations, trading ships and planets (aka where your ship can dock). You can click on a transmission to watch the pop up message.

Hail will be for things you can interact with. Stations, planets, trade ships. Hailing them will bring up the message or menu option to dock/trade with them.

This simple change cleans out the UI clutter from the pop up windows and removes a VERY tedious set of clicking sessions every time you launch from a station.

UI de-clutter:

There are several menu windows that display the same information. There are two different windows that show items you can pick up. There are two different windows that show mission information...etc,etc.

Streamlining the UI would improve game functionality and enjoyment.

Finally... are there any chances of you devs allowing players to costumize the UI?

For example, World of Tanks allows players to make mods on the interface and there are amazingly creative mods out there. STO mods could have people creating some very cool LCARS like interface or klingon empire interface without you guys having to lift a finger.