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Thank you very much bluegeek and hevach very helpful.

Just got back home and looking around...when I select a BOFF and select the career Options -> Train, where does that list of skills to train come from?
The Train option available from your crew interface draws from career skills that your captain character is able to train. If you are a Science captain with enough levels in certain science-related skills, you are able to train Science bridge officers in a related skill.

Tac Officers can't train Science skills and so on, though.

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Hi and welcome back!
What they mean by training is that there is a NPC on Earth Space Dock that can change the skills of your BO. He is by the Medical area, or he is next to the fleet starter person.
There are a few other locations, too. I don't recall where they are at the moment. Basically look in one of the social zones.

These BO Skill Trainers can train in many different skills, not just the ones your captain is able to train. There are a few gaps though, where you might need to seek out another source.

If the BO Skill Trainer does not have a particular skill available, your options are to locate a fellow player who can train in that skill or locate a Bridge Officer Candidate who has that skill. The candidate is expended and lost ("reassigned") after training your Bridge Officer.
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