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08-08-2012, 11:43 AM
Actually VA's hamper much more then the lowbies

I have Watched (tuesday) the following exchange (corrected for spelling and only approximate as it was not recordable off the screen)

Team spawn in

Team chat message (me) "Hello"

Team chat message (VA liberated borg) "Hi"

Team chat message (VA Human in full maco) "Right Here are your orders , (name 1) se (name 2 ) sw (name 3) ne (name 4 ) nw Im on Centre "

Team chat message (Lt com Vulcan ) "er HI I only know the NE area can i swap?"

Local chat message (Va maco) "NOOOOOB"

Team chat message (Capt human full TOS uniform) "yeah we can swap"

Team message (me) "three seconds"

Team message (VA liberated borg) "Go go go"

Team message ( VA maco) "MOVE OUT MARINES "

a few minutes later (end of phase)

Team message (VA maco) "only 23? you guys SUCK "

FACT he had been revived (by the lt com at least TWICE and had spent his time stood on the crates right of the console in the centre SNIPING )