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Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
OOPS, my bad, it's 6319.9 unbuffed with 4 TAC consoles and 6642.1 with 5 consoles, memory aint what it was, lol, but that's with single cannons and turrets. Mk XII Consoles would add a bit but my name aint Bill Gates!
i'm pretty sure bill gates has 0 EC on his account!

rate of fire can't be counted in, because it is already a DPS (damage per second) value.
and the proc rate, i think got bound to the cycle not the rate of the proc is identical with each type of cannon. i'm pretty sure about that, though not 100% sure.

but i want to give this build a try, because the 180? arc i may have underestimated...thank you.
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