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08-08-2012, 12:57 PM
Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
Naw of course that's unbuffed, I just hit all the buffs to check and it gives a total forward (including rear turrets) of 21728 DPS (5 TAC Consoles), that last's as long as the buffs do naturally. Save your buffs and get your hull down to 40% then hit GDF you're gonna pump out around 30 DPS or more on a 180 min arc, unless the other guy is ready for that he won't stand much chance.

As for procs, single cannons have the faster firing rate and therefore the greatest chance of a proc. Everyone jumps on the DHC/DC cannons route because it looks like they do more damage. How much damage does your DHC do if the target is outside your 45 degree arc? LOL, not much. Think about it, the guy above who said not to bite has given you a setup that's OK for PvE but in PvP he's gonna die real quick against a fast moving escort that can stay outside the arc.

You really need to post this in the PvP forums.