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Originally Posted by trueprom3theus View Post
Yup, roach is right, the game mechanics won't allow more than 4 shield facings. And since changing the shield mechanics probably needs many changes, it won't happen. On the top of that, we're talking about the kdf, the poor and abused kid of sto, lol. But it's an interesting concept though and I would like it being implemented. what they could do is to allow a weapon from back to be moved to the front, especially for higher turn rate ships. But then some other faction may consider it op...

And yea, bridge commander was the closest game to the cannon star trek.
Unless you ran all beams on a battle Cruiser it shouldn't be OP, and even then it would not be OP as a 4/4 Cruiser can still Broadside all beams like a 5/3 Battle cruiser would be able to.

The 5 forward weapons would not be OP becuase even with a burst shot, once your target gets out of the limited cannon firing arc the only weapons you have on them would be your rear Turrets or at most two beams.
Frankly it would make the BCs more vulnerable to those rear arc creeping escorts and make the BC player ahve to think more about his/her attacking posture.

Plus I think it fits the IP for Klingons very well.
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