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Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
My opinion of all that, is that the Cryptic devs themselves, are good people, doing what they can with a business and with the ST IP in an MMO format. Therefore, I am with Cryptic, knowing full well there are good intentions...
Just remember

"The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions."

I was a beta player, a 2009 member, and a pre-launch player. I still see bugs in this game that were here during beta, and just because I've been here a long time, doesn't mean I have to worship the ground the devs walk on.

If you do, you kiss their feet, they give you mediocre content and nothing changes. Bad PR is a good motivator for most game developers, and sometimes publishers ( although more rare for publishers ).

Obviously I play this game because I don't find it mediocre, I find it unique and inventive compared to other MMOs. Regardless there is huge room for improvement and when I see players being gouged to death, I shake my head in disgust.

PS: Where is my re-trait option? I'll probably stop posting arguments if I get that re-trait option I've been waiting an eternity for ^.~

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