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08-08-2012, 01:50 PM
Those subclasses actually never existed, but were mentioned for advertising purposes.
What they actually do is showing in which way you could focus your career if you like too, and there are tons of more possibilities.
Ground is very specific to your career and the available kits, which set your abilityset.
And still those give you a variety of available roles for your career.
But in Space everything boils down to your shipclass.This defines the available stations for your bridge officers and how many of their abilities they can use. To make it even more interesting you can select their abilityset completely the way you like. And you're fine having multiple various "sets" of officers, to lend your role on the battlefield in another direction.

You're free to go being a shooty Science Captain with an Escortship, or a very supportive Tactical captain in a Scienceship or Cruiser. Just because you've selected a specific career, doesn't mean you're fixed to a specific task. Sounds very starfleety

Long story short: At least in Space the possibilities give you much more variety than on Ground. And even there it's just a kitswitch away to change your role completely.