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08-08-2012, 03:09 PM
Remember, on elite, popping two generators spawns a single cube, not two spheres. Word on the street is that most every "decent" cruiser build is more than capable of tanking a single cube while maintaining an anti-probe posture.

Don't know why the spawn is (arguably) a weaker group on elite than normals, IIRC, a cube only has slightly more HP than 2 spheres, but a lot less guns. Only problem I have as a Sci is the cube Tachyon beam / shield removal effect, can't shield tank without shields. Hull tanking cruisers and (optimised for DPS) escort builds can usually solo what the cubes throw at it.

Which is another reason why carriers have such an easy time soloing a side on KASE. Pets pop two generators, cube spawns, pets focus on cube while carrier's cruiser-esque hull tanking keeps them in the game. Carrier helps during probe break(s). Carrier may also have an easier time taking out probes, I have little (actually no) problem soloing 4 probes in a Luna with 2xDBB fore, 2x Turrets aft (all polaron), and a quantum on each side, with GW I/III and a tractor beam slotted. Cruiser's extra gun (compared to my Luna build) may make that even easier...
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