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08-08-2012, 03:58 PM
it's certainly worth a try, and i did it...a single cannon is only 200 dps behind the DC, may sound a lot, but considering that you can keep it on target 100% of the time it certainly isn't gimping your escort.

i came up with 1207 dps with my disruptor DC ACC critH critD
and 1017 dps with disruptor single cannons ACC critH dmg (dmg modifier increases this value a little)
3 turrets add 1886 dps to 4 times 1017, wich would be around 5960, lets say 6k dps with single cannons.

DC would reach 6800 dps aproximately with 4 cannons in front.

considering the 180? arc of single cannons, your target really can't evade you much.

all buffed they reached 2800 dps with DC (would mean around 15k all together) and 2300 dps with single cannons (ca. 13200 dps)

i never imagined that they would be so close, really amazes me.

PVE i think i stick with DC/DHC...but PVP it seems, that you can deliver a lot more sustained dmg (180?) for sacrificeing only about 12% dmg. seems a fair deal, atleast to me
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