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This just started happening today and I have not been able to figure it out. It also stopped showing my username in the username field at the same time this happened.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled through Steam. I have cleared IE cache and cookies (since launcher is based on it). I can log in just fine from another computer, but I can't figure out what is going on on my game system.

I checked windows updates and AMD for graphics drives, nothing. It has to be something with the game and it content files on my computer.

What content file would cause it to stop displaying my username in the launcher? Also, I can't tab between fields on the launcher either.

Any ideas?

Computer Specs:
i7 870 2.93 GHz
8Gb of RAM PC3 1600
Windows 7 64-bit Ulimate.
AMD Radeon 6950 2Gb