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08-08-2012, 04:27 PM
Originally Posted by tpol7 View Post
I'd been having success running this under 10.6.8 until last night. When I logged in there was a ~300MB patch that had to be installed. After doing so (not that I had a choice). The screen flickered for about 7 minutes while the STO logo was displayed, then the screen went black and the intro music started. After about a minute of intro music the mouse and keyboard became unresponsive and I had to hard-boot the computer.

There was a crash log associated with this but that may be more of a result of me having tried to kill the wineskin process from an ssh connection to avoid the hard reboot. The output is here:
very rare to have to hard boot... even if its blocking the screen it doesn't block Cmd+Opt+Esc, and Cmd+Q should work too.

is it still happening? something its getting is crashing WineskinX11, which happens in STO pretty easy if you don't have it set to Override screen settings instead of automatic. You may want to take a fresh wrapper and move STO into it and see if it works ok... but I've seen stuck black screens before just from corrupted STO files too... and if there was just an update, that is likely.