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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
it ends up being that small amount of damage your missing out on that makes the difference. you ether get a quick kill, or your target survives for minutes. unless your an escort dueling other escorts, single cannons have no place on them. an excelsior of galor are excellent ships to use them on though.

if your parsing that dps, you should run it against DHCs too, not just DCs. DHCs end up doing considerably more damage once parsed...
Using Phased Tets this setup can easily take care of the right side of KASE for example including the Cube and the transformer. As I said before, it make no difference whatsoever how powerful your weapons are if they are hitting didly squat, and if you're moving around fast to keep your defence bonus up then it helps to make sure you hit your target. Sure in PvE you could get more dmg from DHCs but if you're moving all over the place like in CSE then the single cannons give you that edge imo.