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08-08-2012, 07:30 PM
Content is right there on your HD in those hogg files. Everything in the game is in the client. The Foundry makes a script (text file) that is sent to the server. This script then is accessed by other player's clients and told what assets to pull from their hogg file on their HD. So content updates only patch your hogg file with new models when they create them. The server only has the raw data of the position of the asset. In brief, the game asks the server for numbers and it returns that object 436 is at coordinate 23.4323, 4.234, -72.1232.

This is how all mmo's work in order to keep the game speed up. When the server has trouble responding you get a lag. This happens more often when you have many objects to track. But the lag in the editor is uncalled for and should not be there while editing since you are not playing the game. In my opinion, the lag is caused by graphic updates to the direct draw system and the fact that they upgraded the code to DX 11 is a clear signpost to that being the problem more than any other cause.

Adding assets to the Foundry is just as simple as plugging numbers into the system. The assets are only limited by those who program the Foundry. I hope that clears it up.