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Originally Posted by crashdragon View Post
While many go hungry, can't get shelter, hospitals go craving for new equipment, etc, etc.
Funny, governments can't give tax cuts, feed their own country's, are always borrowing money, claim to be struggling, but they always find the money for this crap. Seems to just fall from the sky.
While I applaude the effort of the participants...
I have felt this way about the amount of money that goes into the Olympics for a long time.
And after they spend tens of millions of dollars, those buildings and facilities usually go to rot.
Google some past Olymic locations sometime and see what happened to the "Olympic Villages" a few years after they ended.
Even worse is the money that is poured into political campaigns...the current Presidential race comes to mind...
Think what that amount of money could do to imporve the country's economic woes.
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