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08-08-2012, 10:35 PM
Again tonight on KAS normal, I just don't know what it is about this STF that breeds stupidity on teams. We warp in, someone is map loading so I mention we should wait till full team is there, but no, Klingon and Oddy just run off to attack the cube. I should have known we were in deep trouble when it took 4 ships almost 5-6 minutes to bring the cube down. Not sure how the others on the team were spec'd but one was a skittle boat Gal-X which just screamed clueless and we had no DPS what so ever other than my disruptor boat Excelsior which is more of a tank.

Anyways, so we finally blow the cube. Guy in the Oddy says he will guard the gate and do probes. So we start on one transformer, but the next thing I know Gal-X is flying off on his own doing god knows what and before I know it I'm the only one left at the Transformer we started on and the gates are spewing probes. Oddy guy flies over to "help" me while the other 3 inexplicably went over to the other side of the map to do that gate....

The best part is while the guy in the Oddy(our guard for probes...) flies over to "help" he jets right past two probes w/o even firing a shot and just lets them go right in the vortex. Then I look over and the gate the other 3 people went to, 2 probes just making a break for it untouched. Needless to say within 2 minutes of blowing the cube we had 4 probes already in towards mission failure. I took the leavers penalty, there was no way on earth we were going to finish it and it was time to log for the night anyways.