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Originally Posted by notapwefan View Post
Ok, I do know that Efficient trait among Letheans can help a lot for space setup. So what about trait for ground KDF team? Would Gorns be better due to their bite trait?
Also, I am a Tac so what setup should I have for ground team? 1 tac, 1 sci and two engineers? or 1 tac, 2 sci and 1 engineer?
I normally run 2 fabrication engineers, a sci healer and a sci debuffer regardless of what toon I'm on. But I was thinking that an away team with 3 enemy neutralization engineers (weapon malfunction & fuse armor) and a dedicated healer, all armed with either DoT or KB3 miniguns would be pretty tough to beat. Just a regular away team steamrolls encounters when armed with miniguns, even on Advanced, let alone an away team that stops the bad guys from shooting back - or walking.

It's been my experience that all the Boff trait attacks are fairly underwhelming. I've seen instances where an Orion seduced a Boff and he attacked another Boff, but overall I think you're better off treating those traits as a bonus, not a main attack. Besides, nothing lives long enough to get seduced against 4+ miniguns.
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