Thread: Donatra and 5km
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08-09-2012, 12:53 AM
It is not a legend.
As long as any playership being top aggro stays beyond 5km, she doesn't cloak.
If aggro switches to a player with less than 5km, she usually cloaks pretty quick.

Pets don't count and even keep her on target, while she is cloaked.

There are different ways to handle her, and all are okay, because you don't have to beat a timer anymore.

Advantage of a never cloaking enemy: 100% uptime.
When you have 50% downtime (which can be the case when she cloaks often), any damage increase needs to be more than double your output during uptime.
(these are the possible extremes).

She is harder to handle, because you may get low on CDs to survive her torpedo barrages as the top aggro ship (flying further away than 10km renders you useless, but you can wait for CDs blabla).

So after all it depends on groupsetup.