Thread: Donatra and 5km
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08-09-2012, 01:19 AM
well, I only speak from experience, but if you are far away from her, she will barely cloak, there are instances, when she decides to cloak, but if all of you stay out of that range it is the absolute maximum of 2 cloaks/game.

I get what you are saying, by stating, that if you are close, you deal more damage, and if she cloaks she gets more vulnerable. I may even agree that this way she goes down faster. the ship I mean. the whole time spent in the game, is a lot longer.
believe me, you want her to not cloak, because it takes forever, if someone always gets in her face, and she cloaks 5-10 times, before you can kill her (especially if you have a low dps group)