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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
Still, triangles can make squares but I don't see a hint of a square on any KDF chart or display, and the first pic you posted clearly outlines a hexagon.
Not sure what you're aiming at with this.
Yes triangles can make squares.
Triangles with a right angle for example.
With these triangles it's impossible since they're even sided ones with 60 degree angles.
The best you can get out of those would be a parallelogram.
And since the Klingons seem to like threes, a hexagon make more sens aestetically speaking than a prallelogram which always looke kinda crooked.

Still the triangle is the smallest element in the Klingon "grid" not the hex like in SFB.
*scratches head* are we really debating geometry right now?
Oh boy do I feel nerdy today.