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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Had a brain wave last night and its really really simple

disable need or Greed ENTIRELY for people who are leeching (ie you just stand there you get NOTHING)
and if you spend your time not spawning you get Nothing

AND award dilith ONLY to the people who score in the top 80% in a mission
so if you leech you get NOTHING

thats actually doable, if you take the function that determins how long you are know the message that tells you "you are inactive for 5 mins"

if that timer reaches 3 min or less, the player is disqualified from loot rolls.
But i think the implementation of this would be to much work, for no profit on cryptics side.

the dilithium rewarding would function exactly as the fleet action reward system functions. So that can't be too hard to be implemented into STF's etc.

Also a scoreboard at the end of every fleet event, fleet action, there is in PVP would be great, and additional rewards based on that.
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