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it ends up being that small amount of damage your missing out on that makes the difference. you ether get a quick kill, or your target survives for minutes. unless your an escort dueling other escorts, single cannons have no place on them. an excelsior of galor are excellent ships to use them on though.

if your parsing that dps, you should run it against DHCs too, not just DCs. DHCs end up doing considerably more damage once parsed...
i have parsed DHC borg...agains DC borg some time ago...allways in ISE, allthough the DHC were higher, the difference was too small in my opinion to justify the high exchange prices.

some people in my fleet agreed with me, some didn't. I can only imagine, that maybe DHC work better for tactical captains since they can buff the higher base dmg of a DHC much more than any other class...but the other classes have only limited recourses to buff weapon dmg directly. I'm pretty sure that makes all the difference in that matter.
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