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08-09-2012, 03:05 AM
Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
and only the top 80% get anything
there is almost always a leech
That's a really bad idea, then, mate.

Even if there is "almost always" a leech, (and to be honest, my experience is that there hasn't been - seen plenty of poor players, but they were still trying. I've seen very few leeches) it still screws one person in five over in pre-assembled groups, or in a PuG where there isn't a leech. You have 5 good players, someone has to be the least effective, even if it's just marginally. Why should that person miss out?

There's also the fact that whilst healing and damage can be quantified, things like CC can't be.

Finally, you bring your Commander (as you do) into a group and get 4 VAs who are of similar ability to you as team-mates? Even with level matching, you'll be hard pressed to get your reward. I suspect you'll get more beam-outs too as players look for a group with at least 2 lower ranked players so they'll be sure of being in the top 4.