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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
i can't see no way to penalize leechers afkers without the implementation of a scoreboard at the end. Like in PVP...and the determination of who gets loot based on that score.

if somebody has not done a certian amount of dmg or healing, he gets nothing. On the other hand, the top 3 players should get extra rewards.
It wouldn't directly effect me all that much, since I've never been in a PuG where I've been anywhere the weakest player. But I still think it's a terrible idea.

Why should a system be implemented, that by design screws genuine players out of their loot? Cos not every PuG has a terrible player in it, and pre-mades are even less likely to have a terrible player in them. Yeah, sometimes players get screwed over by poor team-mates or AFKers. But it's not like the game has a system whereby it intentionally puts an AFKer or idiot into every PuG group, and there's a way to avoid it - don't PuG. This comes in, and you can't even avoid it by pre-making.

I wouldn't mind, but the OP is big into Fleet Events being content for lower level characters, and this will put them off it because of the possibilty of going into a Starbase Blockade with 4 players who have more weapons slots and BOff powers than them and relying on one of them being a poor player to have a chance of being in the top 4. Seriously, sollvax, can you not see that?

If you really want to implement a reward system based on a scoreboard, then you'd have to set it so that if the bottom player is within a certain distance of the others they still get their reward.

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