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Originally Posted by skhc View Post
It wouldn't directly effect me all that much, since I've never been in a PuG where I've been anywhere the weakest player. But I still think it's a terrible idea.

Why should a system be implemented, that by design screws genuine players out of their loot? Cos not every PuG has a terrible player in it, and pre-mades are even less likely to have a terrible player in them. Yeah, sometimes players get screwed over by poor team-mates or AFKers. But it's not like the game has a system whereby it intentionally puts an AFKer or idiot into every PuG group, and there's a way to avoid it - don't PuG. This comes in, and you can't even avoid it by pre-making.

I wouldn't mind, but the OP is big into Fleet Events being content for lower level characters, and this will put them off it because of the possibilty of going into a Starbase Blockade with 4 players who have more weapons slots and BOff powers than them and relying on one of them being a poor player to have a chance of being in the top 4. Seriously, sollvax, can you not see that?

If you really want to implement a reward system based on a scoreboard, then you'd have to set it so that if the bottom player is within a certain distance of the others they still get their reward.
point taken, i appreciate that feedback.

i should add however that the top 3 only get extra loot (like in fleet actions, or maybe just mor fleet marks) to reward the better player and make it a goal to become better. The rest get the fleet marks as they are supposed to. they are not screwed out of their loot in that matter.

but you are right a scoreboard can only count in raw dps and healing, and no CC. Thats a big problem, that may not be solveable.

anyway, in fleet alerts this could be done without a big problem since it is a DPS run.

I'm not sure if this game is able to collect data about player inactivity, some other games can...would be nice to know of sto has that feature too.
activity means, how many actions you do in a certain amount of time...if that value falls below a certain are flagged as inactive.

And it's still a bad idea, regardless. Again, if you have 5 players, (let's say in an STF, because it gives dilith) even if they're all brilliant, one of them has to be the least effective. Why should that person lose out?
it would be possible, that if you reach a certain number in the scoreboard you get 250 dilithium as a extra reward...then if you hit an even higher number you get 500 and so on...this wouldn't screw anybody, but still wouldn't reward any leechers or afkers.

PS: like you i don't like the idea to penalize players for not perfoming well, i rather reward the better performing players with EXTRA stuff. I prefer the sugar rather than the whip.
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