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Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
Galaxy X with cannons is almost next to worthless in STFs nowadays unless you are just sitting still 8 km from a gate
STFs require very little in the way of mobility, and sitting so far away using cannons (as opposed to beams) is a surefire way of doing poor DPS.

The Dreadnought is the only standard Federation cruiser able to equip Dual Cannons.

If you feel the 180' arc of cannons outweights the extra DPS you'd get by upgrading to Heavys, then that's entirely your choice. However, in a fight where it's easy to bring narrow weapon facings to bear on your target, you'll inflict worse damage than someone with Duals. There is no argument possible here: DHCs and DCs have higher damage than Cs. So, assuming that both can be brought to bear, Cs will inflict less damage every time.

In the bulk of PVE encounters, STFs included, it is trivially simple to bring the most narrow weapons to bear on your target. NPCs are simply not smart enough to dodge out of your arcs; and you can even easilly memorise their spawn points in certain missions (The Cure, for example). In these situations, the one single benefit of using Cannons (when your ship is capable of using DCs/DHCs) becomes pointless.

Concerning your earlier comment: "As for procs, single cannons have the faster firing rate and therefore the greatest chance of a proc." - Please re-check your stats. Procs inflict per cycle, not per shot. DCs (NOT DHCs) and Cannons have identical firing times and recharge times, so their cycle times are always going to be identical.

and as for PvP, yeah see loads of Gal-Xs in Kerrat NOT for a good reason. The only way to get the lance on a target in Kerrat is by sheer luck or using the Subspace Jump console, rest of the time you're a sitting duck that turns like a whale with a huge target on it's head.
You realise that you were the first person who even mentioned PVP in this thread? And then you called out DontDrunk for concentrating on your PVP claims?

Generally speaking, when someone asks a question about AoE damage abilities, PVP is not what they have in mind. There's a good reason why effective PVP builds tend to favour Single Target Burst damage, which neither of the powers mentioned in the OP are examples of.

This whole firing cycle debate is interesting. Can you list your source for this information, preferably from a Cryptic Dev, not a fan site. Personally I've never seen anything from anyone at Cryptic that specifies the exact way any of their weapons work.
Go to any space map (not sector space, an actual map).

Open your powers list - "P".
Click on a weapon.
Look at the right-hand pane.

Observe the stats on cycles timings and recharge. Use Buffs, Fire your weapons, adjust your weapons power. Note how the values change.

[There ARE other sources, taken from ridiculously large and widespread amounts of Damage Parses and Player Testing, but this is pretty much as close as an "official" source as you're likely to find.]

And remember, when looking at your DPS readouts, that if you're trying to calculate potential DPS against an actual enemy, you'll also need to factor in resistances and your range modifiers (cannons having a much heavier drop over distance than beams) as well as buffs and weapons energy drain.

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