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08-09-2012, 08:00 AM
Well lets take a look for your Defiant:

Reman Deflector:
+1.6% to Stealth Abilities
Might help but I dont think you need it.

+32 Starship Interial Dampeners
Thats ok.

+32 Starship Graviton Generators
Helps Tractor Beam but you dont have that many sci slots on a Defiant.

+24 Starship Subspace Decompiler
I dont think you can make much use of that.

Fazit: The Deflector sucks.

Reman Engines:
+24 Starship Maneuvers
I suppose thats nice. Havent tried how much they help. The turn rate would be interessting but I never compared it to other engines.

Fazit: Take the engines you need for the set bonus you want.

Reman Shield:
Its covariant so it should have a decent cap. But there is nothing special here. I suppose you can get a same/better shield in the exchange. Take the MACO shield or Omega if you want tet glider.

Fazit: Why on earth would anyone want that for PvP?

Set Bonus:
Set 2: Prototype Plasma Projectile
+15 Starship Particle Generator
Enchances your High Yield Plasma torpedos:
Increased Flight Speed
Increased Defense

Right. It makes your Plasma torpedos better. I dont see any reason to use Plasma torpedos in the first place.

Set 3: Covariant Capacitance Cell
When receiving All Energy Damage, 5% chance of applying Covariant Capacitiance Cell
+5% Maximum Shield Capacity for 15 sec (stacks up to 5 times)

That sounds nice. But then again you can get more cap increase by stacking shield cap consoles and there are better set boni out there.

Fazit: Well I think you could try the Reman set in Kerrat. Or for challenging RP players at Drozana. But if you want to be competitive in pvp use 3 borg with MACO shield, or 2 Borg 2 Omega.