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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post

I might try rolling the shield for a while just for kicks, but I'd turn the visuals off or else you'll draw global aggro!
Oh i already do I run the xii purple engine and shield, Borg deflector + console. I was more curious if anyone else had actualy tried to use it with any sucess.

Ive run the 3x borg and maco xii as well and for the most part i dont notice that great of a difference. I still blow up just as often with either set. So i just keep with the one that i like the look of more

The plasma torp i just mount in the back since i found id set myself on fire every time u had it on the front during an attack run. Only ever works if i fire it at a bop thats cloaking or i manange to proc the shields off, but again its more for theme.

If anyones wondering the loadout is 3x accx3 DHC, Accx3 twin beam front. 2x turrets(borg) and the plasma on the rear. Tss2, hazard 1, rsp1, epts1 tacT1 x2, Torp Hy1(for the plasma), Rapid 3+1, omega 1x2 and Overload 2

The character I run it on is a sci with 0 space skills (first ever toon) So never going to be at the top comp.