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Originally Posted by maelwy5 View Post
You realise that you were the first person who even mentioned PVP in this thread? And then you called out DontDrunk for concentrating on your PVP claims?
Read the whole thread again.

Other than that some very interesting info, all I would add is yes of course in STFs it's possible to sit right where you want to be to more or less guarantee the DHC will be useful, but the second that STF goes **** up with raptors and BoPs coming from all angles you're lost. In a perfect world DHCs would be my first choice (although not for PvP) but in reality I prefer the greater arc over a few more DPS any day and if any of the DHC heros want to go up against my bug with lowly single cannons I'll prove it or eat my implants LOL.

Never noticed info on cycle times or procs using the method you describe, but I will certainly have a look as soon as the server is back up, after I've checked to see if we can now transfer STF gear between toons (please please please).


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