Thread: Donatra and 5km
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08-09-2012, 07:55 AM
It has been my experience as of late that she does not even do the Thalaron Pulse. I always hold her attention as the tank and it doesn't matter if I am more than 5k away, seems pretty random all the time to me. Having a SNB for use when she comes out and pops EPtS works just fine. Also there is a rampant problem of teams not being on the same shield. The tank should be shooting at her forward shield (cause she is facing the tank) and the rest of the team should all be on a different shield. If she cloaks the rest of the team needs to reposition to get back onto the shield they were shooting before she cloaked, but I do not see that kind of skill used in PuG. Most times they all just shoot at her from wherever they are.