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Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
in reality I prefer the greater arc over a few more DPS any day and if any of the DHC heros want to go up against my bug with lowly single cannons I'll prove it or eat my implants LOL.
I suggest reposting this challenge here

Never noticed info on cycle times or procs using the method you describe, but I will certainly have a look as soon as the server is back up
There are a few values of interest on the screen:

You'll see a value for the time taken to fire the weapon once, alongside a "maximum" value e.g. 0.5 sec, maximum of 2 secs. This means that it takes the weapon 0.5 seconds to fire, and that it can maintain fire for a maximum of 2 seconds - in other words, it can fire up to 4 shots over 2 seconds.

Underneath this value is the recharge time of the weapon (Note that the recharge time can be reduced by certain buffs, such as the MACO set's 2-piece bonus). Adding the "maximum" firing time to the recharge time will give you the total time taken for one complete weapon activation cycle sequence.

from here:

Each weapon can proc individually (once per activation sequence) and ignores the effects of other weapons, regardless of the source. Meaning that if 3 people are firing 3 phaser weapons each at a single target, that's 9 separate chances to be hit with the Subsystem Offline proc, per activation cycle.

The same mechanics are true of all such weapon procs.

Now Borticus was talking about Phasers, but the only weapon types that work differently to this are Antiprotons (since their bonus is a flat Crit Severity buff) and Disruptors (since the debuff is implemented as a power on your enemy it can't stack from multiple sources, but it can be refreshed from multiple sources)

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