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08-09-2012, 09:34 AM
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I was doing the Starfleet Academy event picking up particle fragments. I had about 25 fragments saved up when I got a screen full of messages saying that I'd just used a particle fragment. Sure enough, I checked inventory and they were all gone. All I was doing was running down a sidewalk toward a particle and BAM!, all gone. Won't be wasting time doing THIS again.
Been wanting to report this issue as well, had a stack of 99 once and they all got "used" in front of my eyes, no way to stop it, one at a time they were removed from my inventory (had inventory open and all these were acquired during this same event so TIME is not the issue).. that would make the third time it has happened since I started playing (two month span).

I now keep small stacks... 30 or less, can usually pull off at least two 60 awards, but always very cautious now

Server down time allows me to visit the forum..