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Regarding the single cannon to dual heavy cannon argument, I think both sides are right. If you have a stationary target, dual heavys will always win. If you're fighting something with a lot of mobility, single cannons do allow greater time on target. I also find that with single cannons it gives me much better ability to stay firing into a downed shield facing if they're turning, especially on ships with higher turn rates.

I also have noticed that when using CSV SC seem to be better at hitting ships spread farther out than DHCs. I don't know how wide the CSV cone is and if it's origin axis is based on facing or angle to target (pretty sure the latter), but it's something to consider and research.

But it pays to note that SC and DHC setups can use the same boffs, same consoles, same everything. I keep a set of DHCs and a set of SCs and swap between them depending on what I'm playing or even what I feel like at the moment. You can even swap mid mission quickly if you need to.

For STFs like KASE and CSE where everything is stationary or slow and packed together, never changing course, I run DHCs. For the fleet space battles I find SCs work better as the targets go down fast and I can get my SCs firing on the next target much sooner. Also, any CSV advantage comes into play.

A SC escort does play differently than a DHC escort. Sometimes it's just fun to mix it up. And you're not necessarily toileting your DPS.
i share this opinion. before this thread i was convinced that single cannons are very very inferior to DC/DHC
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