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The Cluster Torpedo works sometimes. It seems to deploy its mines perhaps 10-20% of the time. The other 80-90%, it works like a zero-damage Tricobalt- the destructible projectile strikes the target and "explodes," doing no damage and deploying no mines.

I'd like to report that Tricobalts may be bugged, too- mine seems to occasionally misfire, that is, the one-minute cooldown begins but no torp is launched. Also, the torpedo projectile continues to exist for several seconds after it detonates. But that is a graphical bug that doesn't cause any harm, although NPCs will engage the dud projectile.
As of last night it still works that way, but I did manage to get the recticles back on so I can see the mines deploy and move toward the target. Since S6 this wonderful weapon is utterly useless, as it's now VERY slow moving, one-shot destroys it, didn't get the transphasic buff to 80%, and seems to be missing minelets when I'm lucky enough to get it deployed.

I sure wish the Borg Plasma torps could be one-shotted like this torpedo can. I'm pretty sure the regular Tri-Cobalt torpedo doesn't get one-shotted either.
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