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he wasn't the first to talk about pvp necessarily. if i give information you can assume im talking from a pvp perspective. but anything that works in pvp, dominates any pve content.

nothing in an stf moves faster then a snails pace, using a single cannon there to try to keep your target in arc is not necessary. there is 0 difficulty in keeping dhc's pointed. now in pvp were ships move sooo much faster, you may be on to something. thats why i basically had to facepalm when you used KASE as an example.

that DHC vs DC info i mentioned, all you need to do is use them in action long enough to preceave these things. everything i said is based off my own observation and knowledge of how energy, fireing cycle, and damage works. its all accurate

DCs/SCS/Ts have the fastest cycle rate, so they will proc most often. note that a proc can only occur once per fireing cycle, not once per shot. glider and dem are per shot 'proc' abilities though.

Originally Posted by maelwy5 View Post
(Note that the recharge time can be reduced by certain buffs, such as the MACO set's 2-piece bonus). Adding the "maximum" firing time to the recharge time will give you the total time taken for one complete weapon activation cycle sequence.
what? oh no it doesn't. +5% power recharge speed does not increase the speed of your weapons cycling, it has the same effect an eps console has, which just boosts power transfer and recharge rate
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