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Originally Posted by aveldra View Post
I love how everyone immediately assumes I'm a fed only player. I said it plenty of times before that I play on both factions equally like plenty of users who play this game. I'm just baffled at the redundancy and almost amnesiatic reactions every time a new fed ship is announced.

It's like the reality hasn't sunk in for some people, that no the kdf will never ever be fleshed out, the pvp will never be given the focus it needs, and to expect any sort of triple a level of love this game needs will never come to fruition.

The game is a competent and fun space shooter with a shallow storyline and that's it.

Oh and for the record I hate cruisers so I won't be "enjoying" or even bothering to read up on news on it.
Yet many of us did not give the baffling redundant and almost amnesiatic reactions every time a new fed ship is announced that we are supposed to.

May I suggest you painted with too broad a brush?

May I suggest that had you not drawn such a general stereotype I would not have quoted you in the first place?

Cause otherwise it would have been Levi who drew my comment, as they usually do.
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