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*I.K.S. Kahless, commanding a fleet of 500 Klingon-Reman-Federation vessels*

Soval: How much longer?

Torpal: We'll reach the Neutral Zone Border in about 1 hour, Admiral. Are you certain you want to command the fleet from the Kahless?

Soval: The Breen hit the shipyard on the way out, so the DeForest Kelly won't be fully combat ready for another month. Besides, this'll help the healing process between the Klingon Empire and the Federation. If the ship is destroyed, I die with you and your crew...

Torpal: Gaining the High Council's respect. And if we win, the fact you won the battle from a Klingon Vessel will send a signal of cooperation across both our Empires.

Soval: Precisely. It's logic, pure and simple.

Sci: Sir! We're picking up attack signals at Iconia!

Torpal: That would be the Vanguard Fleet, lieutenant. They're ours.

Sci: No, sir! The signals look almost...Borg in origin!

Soval: We know the Romulans have been experimenting with Borg technology, perhaps--

Sci: The signals match those of a ship General Worf encountered at the Klingon-Romulan Border 30 years ago!

Soval: Oh my-- Hail the fleet! Now!

Comm: Open!

Soval: Soval to Cole, break of your attack! Break off!

Comm: We're close enough to get telemetry now.

Torpal: On Screen!

*On the Viewscreen, a battle rages, a decisive battle which the VGI-Romulan Fleet appears to be winning. Appearing in the centre of the screen is a massive vessel, almost the size of a Borg cube, apparently decloaking. It has Borg-like talons protruding from the aft section, moving forward. Admiral Soval and General Torpal recognise it immediately.*

Torpal: They were destroyed!

Soval: Apparently not.

Soval + Torpal: The Nerada.

Comm: I can't get your message through, Admiral. We can recieve transmissions but all transmissions heading to Cole's fleet are being jammed.

*A flurry of missiles deploy from the Nerada.*

Soval: Oh my God!

*The missiles impact almost 50% of the VGI-Romulan Fleet, Destroying or Disabling those vessels almost immediately. Another flurry launches, the ship sending the transmission is hit, and the transmission goes dead, the image being replaced by a streaking star field, on the viewscreen.*

Torpal: Today is a dark day, indeed.

Soval: We have to get back to the Starbase, get reinforcements! Have Admiral Ross meet us there!

Torpal: Klingons do NOT run from Battle!

Soval: What purpose does it serve to die a hopeless death? We regroup with the rest of the fleet, then we'll at least have a chance!

Torpal: That...Abomination is over 30 years old!

Soval: Using Borg technology! If Borg technology could turn a MINING SHIP into a greater threat than a fleet of Scimitar-Class Dreadnoughts, who knows what it's done to the shields. They'll probably adapt to our weapons before we even scratch the shields, assuming we get the chance! Have you sent that transmission yet?

Comm: Yes, sir!

Torpal: Very well! Reverse Course!

*The fleet drops to impulse, turning a full 180 degrees, then jumping back to warp.*
*SPecies 9042 vessels begin to dodge the fire of the vessel and ram into the vessel. They begin assimilating the computer system and the ROmulans at systems vital to the vessel. Like a computer they reprogram the vessel to turn on Iconia and when finished to ram any Iconian presence.*

*They send a message to Admiral Soval mentally*

"Return we have control for a time. The abomination is under our control for now. It is going to be used as a battering ram. We need the fleet to make it to Iconia.*

*USS Dogos Gear. *

Derek Ross: Well that is Species 9042's work, how long can they keep that thing from attacking all of us. Soval needs to hurry to Iconia we don't have time.

Soval, This is Derek Ross of the Dogos Gear the Abomination has stopped and has turned on the Romulans. We need to turn around!