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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
he wasn't the first to talk about pvp necessarily.
Post #15, above:

Think about it, the guy above who said not to bite has given you a setup that's OK for PvE but in PvP he's gonna die real quick against a fast moving escort that can stay outside the arc.
(Note that the recharge time can be reduced by certain buffs, such as the MACO set's 2-piece bonus).
what? oh no it doesn't. +5% power recharge speed does not increase the speed of your weapons cycling, it has the same effect an eps console has, which just boosts power transfer and recharge rate
Sorry, afraid you have it wrong there.

The 5% power recharge speed granted by the MACO set bonus is a flat 5% recharge time buff to all your ABILITIES. (e.g. cooldown times for all powers are reduced, like when using Aux2Bat with Technician DOFFs)

+ Screenshot #1 (Unbuffed)
+ Screenshot #2 (With MACO Bonus, note recharge time change from 2.0 to 1.9)

I've been doing DPS tests for the better part of a fortnight, and I keep kicking myself whenever I forget to remove the MACO deflector because this happens and it skews the results

Whereas an EPS Console just influences your SHIP POWER SYSTEM TRANSFER RATE (e.g. the amount of time it takes to go from 100 engine power to 50 engine power)

I suppose the way the M.A.C.O. text description is worded it's a bit unclear though...

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