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You can use both, all cannon of combo cannons/torp. Talking about dual heavys when talking cannons. On my defiant refit I use 3 dhc and 1 quantum torp on my defiant retro I use 4 dhc. It all depends on your bof power. On my refit with torp I use crf, csv and torp spead 3. On my retro I use 2 crf and 2 csv (1 and 3) and use best depending on circumstance, one or many target in cone of fire. I always have close to or highest dps with my retrofit so whichever works best for you, bof power is key and appropriate console. And don't forget torp work best on hull not much help on shield or very limited unless you have those transphasic torp with shield penetration

Hope that helps
The thing is that the amount of hull points a ship has is often much greater than it's shields (per face). So you can get some pretty serious results indeed if you not only throw on a single torp but have 2 (quantums) with 4 torp consoles.

I know this is crazy but I've been having a lot of success with a torpedo escort in PVE. For all but the heaviest targets Cannon rapid fire with 3 turrets and 2 dual cannons is all you really need to punch through a shield face. That leaves you plenty of opportunity to leverage the torps strength against hull points (my highest as a tac officer is 42k damage off of a salvo. 20k is what I see more often though.) In PVP it's definitely not going to work out so well but the dopey AI isn't really able to manage a down shield section effectively.