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08-09-2012, 02:38 PM
100 weapon energy is enought for?

so i decide to tell you the sto secrets coz you new in this game.

1. all mission dmg based in this game, that says you have to deal max dmg to help the team to finish fast the mission or simply finish it.

low dmg result is optinals fail or main objektives, the players die alort of times the missuons extend into insane runtimes...... all a big drama.

now let me think how a player can deal dmg hmmmmmmm........

ohhh i know it the dmg/dps calculation in this game is quite easy.

weapon energy+weapontype/amount of weapons.

or easyer for you you+4 of you go in with 100 weapon energy or lower you think 100 is to much into for example a infected space the result is you do the mission with luck in ~30 min.

i go in with max dps +4 others with 125 we do the same mission in ~7 min!

and sorry but i never decide that in sto the dps is all what counts i dont create the game.

and that is one of the reasons for players to go afk in a mission, i must also decide if i go with you in a mission if i really will waste 30 min or 1 hour in a 7 min mission or simply go eat breakfast and dont waste my time for a failrun mission...

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