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i posted this a few hours ago ,asked a mod for help and then it got deleted because i posted my own email.... and thats ok but there was absolutly no attempt to answer my question. ive tried emailing customer service and they are no help. so if anyone can help me heres my problem:

when i created my pefect world account i listed my email as an old one i dont visit often anymore. i didnt think anything of it. aparently it ether got banned or was inactive too long and was deleted i can no longer access it. i tried to remake an email with the same name and i cant because its taken. sounds confusing but hear me out i want to change my perfect world acc password and it says i need to access my listed email which i cannot because of the reasons listed above. it would mean alot if anyone could throw me a bone here :/

ps to mods: please dont delete this thread because i already asked this question or because of spelling errors or some other trivial made up reason. if you do not wish to help then please do not go out of you way to grief ty.