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Originally Posted by flickerstat View Post
I can find the defs and I have a good idea of what the skills will aid for the most part (specing out anything that is related to speed, turn, shield, hull, then weapons). What I am super interested in is the math behind those skills. Like by how much do they affect my character.

I will hit 50 soon enough. But on the way, might as well prep for PVPs.
on a lot of things the best strategy is to just go for broke on what ever you want buffed. want EWP3 to give mad DOT? spec particle generators to 9 and slot as many particle consoles as you can. want your tet or polaron weapons proc buffed? do the same with flow cap. get as much mileage out of skill points as you can, the tet glider, leach and other draining skills are buffed by it along with those 2 weapon types. why not use as much as you can? focusing on to may things splits your skills and console space ip too much and makes you less effective at everything. its why i wouldn't be caught dead using torps.

links - maxing energy weapons damage - the math you were wondering about - the respec saver
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